We are a design team working together in the US since the early 1980s. In 1987 we moved from central coast California to the central coast of Maine. Paul has an architectural practice and Sharon has a unique antique business specializing in 18th and 19th century textiles and furnishings.

Paul grew up in the inner city of Chicago, in a Polish ghetto. A city of architecture, public sculpture, culture and diversity, the big city was always a comfortable place full of stimulation, excitement and challenge.

Sharon grew up in the desert of Arizona raised with the bare necessities. She loved the freedom, clarity and survival skills the desert provided her and found the ever present impact of Mother Nature an inspiration.

We have a home in Southern France and live there nearly half the year traveling and buying antique textiles and furnishings for the shop, designers, decorators, architects, the film industry and the antiques' trade.

We dig deep to find pieces and places that speak to us, things that we can live with and places that we can live in forever. Granted, we are merchants and not collectors so the pieces that we find are like the homes that we create, always ready to be shared with our family, friends and clients.

With our shop filling the bottom floor of our home we find ourselves in an environment that is constantly shifting, changing and evolving allowing us the opportunity to let go, to enjoy the moment, to move on, always feeling and being aware of the energy that each piece provides. Is the makers' hand the life force that fills this space we call The Marston House?

We know we are "temporary" here, so we are keepers and providers of the moments that make up our life. We hope you will be energized and inspired by our travels and treasures, found accidentally or with intent.